As pollen, we define the male germ cells of spermatophytes. Bees collect it from different types of flowers, add nectar for better consistency and transfer it to the hive in irregular spherical shape. The wide variety of plants where it derives from makes pollen an extremely rich source of active nutrients. It contains proteins, vitamins, free amino acids, lipids, sugars, metal salts, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes and coenzymes.

Due to the coexistence, in a high concentration, of all these substances, pollen is the most complete nutritional supplement and, at the same time, a great source of antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics with remarkable beneficial effects on the human system: a source of energy, a factor regulating the body's functions, a rejuvenating factor and a powerful weapon against aging. It immediately enhances both physical and spiritual forces.

Consuming from students, sportspeople and elderly stunningly improves their stamina, performances and overall health status. It also helps significantly in addressing specific health problems such as duodenal ulcer, prostatic hypertrophy, anemia, intestinal disorders, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, anorexia nervosa.

The natural form of bee-treated pollen is granular. It usually includes grains of different colors, sizes and flavors, depending on the species of plants which it originates from. Its average flavor is basically sweetish, but sometimes it has some bitter tones.

USE: Pollen is kept in the refrigerator (maintenance). Consume it as is or add it to yogurt, honey, milk or fruit juice half an hour before the main meal of the day. It is daily consumed as a dietary supplement for at least four months or for as long as necessary, depending on your needs.

DOSAGE: Use a teaspoon (about 7 g) for dosing.

Children: 1-2 tsp | Adults: 2-4 tsp

For intensively trained athletes, the dose may be threefold, as is for people suffering from specific diseases (after medical approval). If you suffer from diabetes, severe allergies or stomach upsets, consult your doctor before consuming it.

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